JAMB Brochure for All Courses and Institutions

The JAMB brochure serves as a comprehensive guide to the courses offered in various Nigerian institutions. It outlines the required JAMB subject combinations, as well as the O’level and Direct Entry prerequisites for entry into these courses. Whether you’re uncertain about the subject combinations or requirements for UTME, O’level, or Direct Entry for your chosen field, this brochure is an invaluable resource.

It’s crucial to confirm if your desired institution offers the course you’re interested in and to check for any waivers or special considerations they may have. Additionally, the JAMB brochure provides detailed information about schools offering your chosen course and a comprehensive list of all the courses available at a particular institution.

When completing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE) application forms, it’s highly recommended to carefully review the requirements for your chosen course. To secure admission into the 100 level of your selected course, you must achieve a satisfactory level of performance in the UTME subjects relevant to your proposed program of study. Please note that “Use of English” is a mandatory subject for all courses.

By utilizing the JAMB brochure, candidates can navigate the application process with confidence, armed with a clear understanding of the prerequisites and subject combinations specific to their chosen field of study. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone aspiring to further their education in Nigerian institutions.

Complete JAMB Brochure for All Institutions (PDF)

You can also access the JAMB Brochure in PDF versions. Candidates are advised to crosscheck and confirm the course or institution information using the official PDF Brochure from JAMB. You can download the PDF according to your desired faculty below:

A. JAMB Brochure for Universities PDF

1. Adminstration

2. Agriculture

3. Arts & Humanities

4. Engineering/Environmental/Technology

5. Education

6. Law

7. Medical/Pharmaceutical Science

8. Sciences

9. Social/Management Sciences

B. JAMB Brochure For Polytechnics and Monotechnics PDF
Download PDF of JAMB Brochure for Polytechnics and Monotechnics

C. JAMB Brochure For Colleges of Education PDF
Download PDF of JAMB Brochure for Colleges of Education

D. JAMB Brochure For Innovation Enterprise Institutions PDF
Download PDF of JAMB Brochure for Innovation Enterprise Institutions

E. Complete JAMB Brochure For All Institutions & Faculties PDF
Download PDF of the Complete JAMB Brochure


For the more interactive JAMB brochure, see JAMB IBASS eBrochure.

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