WAEC Grading System | Meaning of Withheld Result and Other Related Terms


Following the release of the 2023 WASSCE results for school candidates, some candidates while attempting to check their results were shown some terms. These terms have been explained in few details below to enable candidates know the interpretation of their results.

WAEC Grading System

Below is the tabular representation of WAEC grading system:

WAEC Score by Percentage Grade Interpretation
75-100 A1 Excellent
70-74 B2 Very Good
65-69 B3 Good
60-64 C4 Credit
55-59 C5 Credit
50-54 C6 Credit
45-49 D7 Pass
40-44 E8 Pass
0-39 F9 Fail

Analysis of WAEC Result Grading System

Below is the tabular interpretation of WAEC grading system:

Grade Numeric value Interpretation
A1 1 Excellent
B2 2 Very Good
B3 3 Good
C4 4 Credit
C5 5 Credit
C6 6 Credit
D7 7 Pass
E8 8 Pass
F9 9 Fail

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Meaning of ABS in WAEC Results

ABS in a WAEC result means Absent. This simply means the candidate did not sit for the particular subject during the examination. Candidates in this section will have no grade for that particular subject.

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Meaning of Withheld WAEC Result

This occurs when almost all the candidates in a particular centre had the same grade. WAEC will further investigate the result. If truly the candidates engaged in any form of malpractice during the exam, such results would be seized and not released. But if the reverse is the case, they would be released. The chance of this result being released is Slim.

Meaning of Held WAEC Result

‘Held’ means candidates violated the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of the examination. This mostly occurs when a written remark is made on a candidate’s answer booklet relating to malpractice and other examination offences. Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) will meet to decide on the release of the results. The chance of this result being released is Slim.

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Meaning of Outstanding in WAEC Result

‘Outstanding’ result means pending. This can occur due to errors made by candidates during registration, or the examination are being corrected and results will be released. Outstanding in some subject(s) also occur when a student is recorded as present in exams, but the mark on the subject(s) are not concluded. It can also be caused by an extra answer sheet. That is, when not properly attached or some other factors. The chance of this result being released is Medium.

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Meaning of ‘No Result for This Candidate in the specified year’ in WAEC Results

This often happened to candidates that registered with special centres. If you are not guilty of any examination offences and your result shows any of the tags stated above, there is a high possibility of release. The chance of this result being released is Slim.

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This can also occur when a candidate’s state in which the examination was written is still indebted to the examination board. Candidates who sat the examination in states who are owning examination fees will have to wait for the state to clear their debts before the results can be released. The chance of a result in this section being released is Medium.

Also, candidates are advised to confirm if the selected ‘Exam Year‘ and ‘Examination Type‘ are accurate.

Meaning of Each Examination Type

SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULT: This option is for candidates who sat for the May/June WASSCE.

PRIVATE CANDIDATE RESULT: This option is for candidates who either sat for the WAEC January/February First Series or October/November Second Series Examination.

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