How to Create JAMB Profile Code via SMS/USSD to Purchase e-Pin

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The Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has announced that candidates who desire to register for the 2023 UTME to immediately embark on the creation of their respective profiles (creation of profile code) ahead of the formal commencement of the registration exercise.

The Board also advised the candidates to get their National Identification Number (NIN) as it is a prerequisite for UTME/DE registration.

How to Create JAMB Profile Code

According to JAMB, no candidate should proceed to any CBT centre without first creating a profile. Candidates are advised to create a profile via SMS or USSD.

All candidates who desire to register for the 2023 UTME to immediately embark on creating their respective profiles (creation of profile code) ahead of the formal commencement of the registration exercise to avoid being caught up in any next bottleneck.

Important Notice to Candidates:

1. A Previously Used Number is a GSM Telephone Number (SIM) used for Profile Code Creation, e-PIN Vending, and Registration in Previous Registration Exercises. This can be used for the 2023 Registration ONLY BY THE SAME CANDIDATE.

2. The Candidate who is using his/her previous number for the second or third time will use the same profile code to purchase the new e-PIN.

3. Existing Profiles or already used numbers cannot be transferred to another candidate.

4. Every candidate will require the use of a unique phone (mobile) number (SIM) for the process of registration. The unique phone number can be used by one candidate only (Note: This number (SIM) remains your unique identification for all your transactions with the board).

5. No two persons must use a single GSM number in commencing the registration process as it will not be acceptable. The way it is configured is one individual to one telephone number that will remain exclusive to that single individual for the purpose of the entire examination process. Not even siblings are allowed to share a particular telephone number for this purpose.

How to Create JAMB Profile Code via SMS

The candidate will send his/her National Identification Number (NIN) by text (SMS) to 55019 or 66019 from his/her personal GSM number. Example: write the word “NIN” then space and add your 11-digit NIN Number and send to 55019 or 66019 in this format (NIN 00123456789).
JAMB Profile Code

There should be a space between the word “NIN” and your 11-digit NIN (Note that the number must not have been used by another person to register for UTME/DE in the past). Do not use postpaid or special bundle SIM cards, they don’t work unless specially loaded with credit.

The Sim will be debited 50 Naira. Before sending the USSD code, ensure to have at least N50 Naira airtime balance on the phone number.

A profile code of ten characters will be received by the candidates on the same telephone number. Candidates are advised to note that the phone number used to send the text message to either of the two quick codes is automatically tied to their respective names and will be used by the Board in all communications relating to application, examination, and admission.

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How to Create JAMB Profile Code via USSD

To create a JAMB Profile code via USSD, candidates are required to dial *55019*1*NIN (National Identification Number) # OR 66019*1*NIN (National Identification Number) # and send to generate their 10-Digit unique profile code. Example: *55019*1*00123456789# OR *66019*1*00123456789#.

The Sim will be debited 50 Naira. Before sending the USSD code, ensure to have at least N50 Naira airtime balance on the phone number.


1. Candidate will present the profile code at the point of procurement of form (Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, USSD Partners). An ePIN is then sent as a text message to the candidate’s Phone number.

2. Candidate will present the ePIN and profile code at any JAMB-accredited CBT Centre for registration.

3. The application cannot be completed until the candidate’s biometrics (all ten fingers) are captured and a photograph taken physically (No submission of passport photograph). The successful capture of biometrics and photograph will authorize a candidate to print his/her e-registration slip. The fingerprint shall be required for any further transaction with JAMB on the candidates’ profiles.

4. Only candidates whose biometrics verification is successful on examination day will be permitted to sit the UTME. No parent or any proxy is allowed to make any transaction on the candidates’ profile.

5. Candidates with biometric challenges can only register at JAMB headquarters in Abuja. Arrangements will be made for this through JAMB state offices.

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How to Retrieve a Lost NIN via USSD

i. To retrieve a lost NIN (National Identification Number), simply dial *346# from the same mobile number used in NIN enrollment.

ii. From the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval”, by typing in ‘1’, if you are using the same phone number you enrolled with for your NIN.

iii. The NIN would then be retrieved and delivered to the phone number.


i. For those people whose SIM cards used for the registration of NIN have been reallocated, NIMC urged such people to visit their telecom registration centres to have their NIN merged with their current SIM card.
ii. For name modification, individuals are urged to visit the NIMC office and pay the sum of N500 via Remitta. Further breakdown showed that for those adding or changing a new name, newspaper publication, and court affidavit are required, while those with misspelled names require no newspaper publication.
iii. Those who are yet to enroll are advised to visit and the nearest enrolment centre to complete the registration.

How to Retrieve a Lost Profile Code

i.  To retrieve a lost Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 or 66019 as a text message from the same mobile number.
ii. Candidates can reset lost or forgotten Profile Password on their registered cell phone by sending [password] space [email address] from the same mobile number as a text message to 55019 or 66019.

Candidates who are computer literate can register directly unaided at some designated JAMB offices and PCRs.

How to Recover a Lost ePIN After Payment

i. If ePIN is not Received or Lost, send [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019 or 66019 for UTME or DE respectively from the unique number.

ii. The ePIN would then be retrieved and delivered on the candidate’s unique number.


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JAMB Free Complaint Ticketing

For ALL complaints on JAMB processes, candidates should create a support ticket at ( by selecting the quick link ad and then ticket/Support with his/her email address with the board. The candidate then provides his/her name, phone number, and the nature of the complaint selects a complaint area on the drop-down and then summarizes the nature of the complaint. He/She should also attach supporting documents (if available). Complaints from 3rd parties are merely noted. Letter writing is not encouraged. Rather all complaints should be channeled through the ticketing system for prompt attention and documentation.

For complaints relating to NIN (e.g a candidate sends a message to 55019 or 66019 to create a profile but does not receive any response or receives wrong data, he/she can follow the same process on the ticketing and click on 2023 NIN-related issues then select the related topic on the drop-down).

E-Naira Payment Option for 2023 UTME/DE Registration

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has made the e-naira the preferred payment mode for 2023 UTME/DE registration.

The adoption of the e-naira would eliminate extortion of candidates and reduce the overall indirect cost of cash transactions on the broader community while blocking leakages in the board’s transactions.

Candidates are therefore urged to download and install the eWallet from its website or via Google Play Store or Apple IOS Store.

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